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Lead Intelligence is a leading software company that engineers cloud-based digital marketing solutions that empowers marketing and sales teams to build, manage and improve digital marketing return on investment across all media and devices, in real-time. Our platform is built with powerful capabilities that span lead management, performance marketing management, marketing measurement and customer lifecycle optimisation.   

Lead Intelligence provides its services to our customers. All customers must have entered into an agreement with Lead Intelligence and subscribed to a Subscription Plan. 

Explore each plan type to determine which one is best for you and your business.

Subscription Plans


Minimum Monthly Fee
(billed monthly)








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Each paid account will have fees as per your Agreement which will be payable by you. If you have a paid account this means you will have an amount to pay on a monthly basis for the Service. These plans allow you to use the Service and include a certain amount of included "usage", so your Minimum Monthly Fee is set off against your monthly usage (or monthly Billable Campaign Events). If you exceed your Minimum Monthly Fee then you will be charged for the additional usage as outlined in your agreement with us and as shown on this Pricing Page.   

Below is the Pricing Plan information for some Lead Intelligence Services or business products.

Pay-Per-Action Services (Monthly Plans – billed monthly)


Magnetise Commission as (%) of Commission payable to Source (e.g.
publisher, affiliate)








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The Lead Intelligence platform allows you to manage performance-based campaigns where a Source receives a commission for generating a “Valid Action” – including but not necessarily limited to " cost “per lead”, cost “per sale”, cost “per click”, cost “per thousand impressions”, “cost (percentage) per sale” for a Campaign. Lead Intelligence Commission shall be payable to us in respect of each “Valid Action” processed or handled using the Service.

Processing-Only Services

Simply select a pricing plan to suit your processing needs. To improve flexibility, we have both Monthly and Annual Process-Only plans (see detail below). Additionally, the Lead Intelligence platform offers you a basic £0.90 Per-Action Processing Cost option which does not require you to select a specific Monthly or Annual Process-Only plan.

Processed Actions Per Month

Magnetise Per-Action Processing Cost

































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Processed Actions Per Annum

Magnetise Per-Action Processing Cost


















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Contact us for custom volume

Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax. 

Lead Intelligence UI is currently only available in English. We have plans to provide translations in other languages in the future.

Cancellations. Once you cancel your account, you'll be responsible for charges incurred for that billing period or Order form, but you won't be charged again once the Termination has been confirmed and termination period has ended. 

If you go over your Process-Only limits which are determined by your minimum fee commitment under a chosen Process-Only Plan, you will be charged for the additional usage at the same cost as the Plan you have selected. For example, if you purchased a Monthly Plan for 30,000 Actions Processed by the Service with a minimum fee £6,000 and surpassed that number to 35,000 Processed Actions, then the Lead Intelligence total fees for those 35,000 Processed Actions would be: 35,000 X £0.20 = £7,000; thus greater than the £6,000 minimum fee for that Plan. If you know you are going to exceed your limit, you can simply choose to upgrade to a plan that meets your increased needs.

If you don’t use as many Processed Action as you have signed up for unused Processed Actions do not roll over into further periods, cannot be carried forward and we do not offer refunds. Thus Monthly Volumes or Annual Volumes per your Plan or Order must be used within those agreed periods. With all “Processing-Only” services each Action processed will be charged whether valid or not. This varies to the Pay-Per-Action priced campaigns where an Action can become an Invalid Action.

When you have a Process-Only Campaign which includes a Campaign Event which is not a Click such as a Lead, Sale, Conversion, Download, Login or App Install then any or all Clicks for that Campaign will be free of charge. Alternatively, if you are running a Process-Only Campaign for which the only Campaign Event is a Click then the Lead Intelligence platform offers you a basic £0.02 Per Click Processing Cost if monthly volume is less than 20,000 in a calendar month or £0.01 Per Click if 20,000 or more in a calendar month. For example, if you have a Process-Only Campaign for which the only Campaign Event is a Click and it completed 25,000 Clicks (Clicks processed by the Service) in a calendar month, the Lead Intelligence fees for those 25,000 Clicks would be: 25,000 X £0.01 = £250. The £250 fee shall also contribute towards any minimum fee commitment under a chosen Process-Only Plan. For any custom volume requirements, please contact us.

With all “Processed Only” services, unless one of us gives the other written notice that it does not intend to renew a Plan, the Monthly or Annual Plan will automatically renew for successive periods equal in length to the Initial Term, unless either party sends the other written notice of its intent not to renew a processing-only plan which must be sent not later than seven (7) days prior to the end of the Term.

Consulting Services

For additional Consulting services (for example, Data Management & Reporting Services, Design & Deployment Services, Implementation & Integration Services, Deliverability Services) will be charged at the rate of £150 per hour. Project and retainer packages are available for all services, based on the above hourly rates.

Implementation Fee

The implementation fee or required onboarding fee is a one-time only fee is £2,000. Onboarding includes comprehensive implementation and training programs for all new customers.

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