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Hints & Tips

Technology is an important differentiator here at Lead Intelligence. Find out more about the vital strategies, software, features and functions you can use.

Getting Started with Lead Intelligence

This useful guide will help newer users get started with Lead Intelligence and provides helpful pointers and ideas.

Whatever to WOW

Read on to discover how you can turn your lead generation programmes from whatever to WOW in just 1 week. Look forward to the week ahead rather than approach it with dread.

The Purpose of Technology

The sheer size and scale of your lead generation opportunity is impossible to manage without a technology platform such as Lead Intelligence.

Turning back the clock: Time saving tools

Lead Intelligence can help marketers save valuable time in key areas. Are you using these 5 key features?

Customer Generation campaigns

Modern lead generation can take your campaigns beyond the initial lead and into retargeting and customer generation.

Are you keeping it real (time)?

Real-time processing will have a significant impact on your campaigns. This article explains why it matters and what we do.

News & Views

Want to hear the latest company chatter or industry updates? Read our news and views here.

Future Pricing Metrics

Have you 'gazed' into the future of wearable technology yet? Here we look at some pricing metrics of the future.

Accenture’s CMO Report 

Analysis of this report and what it signals about the future of advertising ecosystem for everyone in digital marketing.

Twitter Lead Generation

An early look at what Twitter is doing to help us generate leads from their members - and how you can too!

Awards & Events

The Lead Intelligence team are a sociable bunch! Find out about our conferences, awards and company get-togethers here.

Celebrations for Best Lead Generation Campaign

What a great night we had at the Performance Marketing Awards in April.

IAB Lead Gen Workshop

As active members of the IAB, we often present at their events. This practical workshop is a good example of why it's worth getting out of the office for a few hours once in a while!

Events with The DMA and DDMA

There are two events on the horizon this week that look likely to fuel the work of digital marketers like us with all manner of useful information and insights.

Client Success Stories

Lead Intelligence clients are doing amazing things with our technology. Here are some inspiring examples.

Dennis Publishing

Dennis Publishing uses Lead Intelligence to access completely new audiences and drive subscription acquisition into a new era of success.


VoucherCodes uses Lead Intelligence to reveal and enhance supplier ROI while increasing registrations for its weekly newsletter.

Quidco Campaign

Quidco uses Lead Intelligence to manage and optimise considerable BTL activity in tandem with its innovative ad campaigns.

The best way to see the amazing power of Lead Intelligence and learn more about how it could transform your performance marketing is to see it for yourself.