Easily manage and optimise complex lead generation campaigns

Lead Intelligence is a lead management platform that streamlines the lead buying and management process for agencies and advertisers, providing them with significantly more insight and reliability. It has the most comprehensive combination of technologically superior lead management tools of any campaign management system on the market.

Lead Intelligence helps you through every stage of your marketing campaign including planning, campaign set-up and management, validation and optimisation, budgeting and billing, fulfilment and conversion, plus reporting and analysis.

Technology Overview

Build Your Campaign Creatives

Customise your message

Build your message exactly as you want it no matter which channel you are delivering it through. With Lead Intelligence you can build all of the creatives for your campaign whether they are in display, microsites, social or anywhere else – all in one place. Our custom microsite builder gives you a phenomenal range of options to personalise everything to your exact specifications and our intelligent form builder allows you to ask any question, whatever way you like, and it will do the hard work for you of making sure it fits perfectly into all of your different ad formats. And if you already have the creatives for your campaign set you can easily upload them all into the system and get your campaign live and kicking.

Set Up All of Your Suppliers

Be in control of your lead sourcing

Managing loads of suppliers at different price points across various campaigns, multiple channels and different platforms can be a real headache. Luckily with Lead Intelligence we take the pain out of it by letting you manage all your suppliers in one place and making them easily comparable no matter how they are delivering your leads. In our Supply Manager you can set all the different prices, caps and specifications for each of your suppliers quickly and easily – and then let Lead Intelligence take care of ensuring that they stick to rules. We are already integrated with all major publishers and to make things even easier, you can tap into our selection of over 850 partner publishers who are already set up and ready to go on the system, increasing your reach without increasing your workload.

Custom KPI Alerts

Always be on top of the most important details

Nowadays, just knowing the number of leads that are coming in isn’t going to cut it. Whether you or your  client is interested in the percentage of customers who download a voucher after signing up or the total number of PAF rejections on your display campaign, you can set it up in Lead Intelligence and get alerts via email or by text whilst you’re getting on with other things. That way you can rest assured that no matter what it is that’s most important to you, you will always be on top of it when it counts.

Set Detailed Validation and Criteria

Go deep and ensure quality

There is simply no excuse anymore for you to be buying leads which are below par. With Lead Intelligence you can specify what type of leads you want, how many you want at any given time – and who you want them from. Every lead is checked against exacting criteria in real-time meaning you only get leads you are happy with. Validation on Lead Intelligence is performed both client side (in the data capture form) and server side (within the system), all in real-time too. This means all your leads, whether you’re collecting them using our forms or bringing them in  from third parties, are held to the same standards. Best of all, if a particular characteristic of a lead is negative but not a dealbreaker, you can set the system up to vary the price you pay according to your own criteria.

Nurture Leads to Conversion

Maximise the flow of your conversion funnel

The best time to convert a lead is immediately after they have engaged, interacted and signed up – i.e. when their interest is still fresh. With Lead Intelligence you can set up staged welcome emails to go out automatically to new prospects to maintain interest whilst their attention is already on you. You can also set up waves of sequential emails over time to build nurture interest and maximise conversion chances. Live feeds can also deliver these hot-to-trot leads directly to your sales team as soon as they are collected so that prospects can be contacted within moments of giving you their details.

Build Clear and Insightful Reports

Know your campaign inside out

Lead Intelligence provides detailed reporting and clear business insight which takes in the whole picture from lead collection to conversion data and beyond. The platform presents this intelligence in a clear and readable way so that you can get the insight you need from the off, but you can also build custom reports to appear on your homepage dashboard. We can also have the system automatically take in and report on your own back office data alongside whatever else you are interested in, making your view picture-perfect.

Manage Your Billing and Invoices

Simplify your costs

Paying the bills is usually the least pleasant part of any job so why make it anymore difficult than it needs to be? Our lead settlement technology automates much of the billing process for you and means you can manage all of your bills to all your suppliers in one place. So with  Lead Intelligence you are always on top of what you’ve already paid and what you need to pay, so you will always be in complete control of your marketing  spend.

The best way to see the amazing power of Lead Intelligence and learn more about how it could transform your performance marketing is to see it for yourself.