Customer Generation

Manage and enhance your multi-channel lead and customer acquisition from initial engagement to conversion and beyond.

What we do

Performance Tracking

Wouldn't it be nice to know your [insert your key metric here] quickly? We think so. Our tracking is as flexible as it is powerful. Track anything from data quality, to call centre performance to sales. And know it all in real-time.

Lead Nurturing

Anyone can capture leads. We take a different approach. We think you should get the best value out of your leads as humanly possible. Introduce your leads to your brand and know where your best performers are.


Whether you're looking for 100 leads or 100,000 leads, Lead Intelligence will scale with your needs. Leveraging cloud based computing, the platform scales as you do meaning you only pay for what you need.

Campaign Control

From self service to fully managed, Lead Intelligence has you covered. A new supplier? No problem, the risk management, data validation and price controls allow you to manage your agreement and exposure as you see fit.

Save Time

Real-time deduplication across any parameter, real-time verification, real-time pricing, real-time delivery, real-time reporting. In a nutshell, do everything in real-time giving you the- well- time to focus on strategy.

Creative Builder

No matter what channel you're engaging your customers through, you need to be sure that your message is exactly right. With Lead Intelligence you can build all of your campaign creatives and data capture forms for any channel all in one place.

Powering lead generation around the world

Feature rich, adaptable and measurable. We understand the key to marketing success.

Unlock your potential

Scale your marketing efforts and let Lead Intelligence grow with you.
This program has been very successful. Lead Intelligence provides a flexible technology with lots of bells and whistles, crucially they provide outstanding back-end lead consolidation and accountability.
eConversions, Operator of Voucher Codes
We evaluated all the major systems on the market and found Lead Intelligence to be the most robust, feature rich and measurable platform available. Our clients are committing more budget to lead generation due to the success we have achieved for them with Lead Intelligence.
Justin Thomas – Founder of TTH Media