How can Lead Intelligence improve your business?

4 advertisers, 8 live campaigns, 30 suppliers, 60 price points and 10 employees. Why use spreadsheets or ineffective software systems, when this can be all be managed automatically? Our Agency License gives you every tool you could possibly need to efficiently manage and optimise all of your lead generation campaigns, all at once! Not a techie? No problem –  all the technical integration needed for suppliers, clients and campaigns will be handled by our specialised team to ensure smooth set-up and operation all day, every day.

For Agencies

Centralise all your campaigns

Improve the efficiency of your performance marketing and your agency by bringing everything together in one easy, comprehensive interface. No more digging into different platforms or spreadsheets to see the bigger picture, just one log-in is all you need.

Control campaign management

In Lead Intelligence you can determine exactly what permissions and information are given to each user so that clients are ring-fenced, opportunities are obvious and your people can focus on the information and insights that are most relevant to them.

Limitless integration options

Whether you are delivering leads directly to your clients’ sales department, routing them to a telesales team or utilising your own CRM software for nurturing and fulfilment, Lead Intelligence integrates seamlessly with any third party system you use.


Custom Creatives


With a plethora of data options and customisations to choose from, build as many forms as you like to make sure that the data you ask for is always right, and always relevant. Using our intelligent form builder, built-in data validation and verification comes as standard.

Landing pages

Build multiple responsive landing pages in minutes for your campaigns and programmes to keep engagement levels high. Take advantage of the vast number of customised and advanced options to maximise click to conversion rates.


With our widget builder you can take your data capture into unconventional advertising space, increasing your clients’ reach and the flexibility of their customer acquisition capabilities.


Our banner builder unlocks full lead generation capabilities within harder to reach, premium display channels. Using Magnetise’s In-Banner technology, no demographic is out of reach of your client base.

Onsite messaging

Deploy beautiful, fast and functionally rich onsite messages (sliders, overlay, toolbars etc.) to users to encourage conversion. Decide when and where your message appears based on user behaviour, campaign rules and revenue data.


Set Up Suppliers and Data Flows

Existing supplier integration

Hundreds of major publishers are already integrated into Lead Intelligence so you can select the most relevant and immediately start generating leads to your clients and engaging with their prospective customers.

New supplier integration

Make it easy to integrate new suppliers with automated, customised platform integration instructions. Each time a new supplier is added to your clients’ campaigns, we’ll make it quick and easy for them to start delivering for you.

Existing third-party integration

Lead Intelligence is already integrated with most CRM, sales and fulfilment systems so whatever third party platforms you already have in place to understand and power your agency’s clients use, we can ensure you can roll them into your lead generation efforts.

New third-party integrations

Any conceivable third party data stream, system or solution can be pulled into Lead Intelligence to make sure that your clients' lead generation programmes are not limited by your technology choices.

Per-client CRM integrations

Advertisers use a variety of bespoke and off-the-shelf CRM systems. If your agency is having to integrate and work with multiple CRMs, we can help. Just select the different integrations you need for each client account during set-up.

Multiple delivery options

Set up the system to transfer the leads and data you have generated in whatever format, frequency and style your clients require. Whether real-time or weekly batches, simple CSV or integrated CRM, we can help you optimise delivery accordingly.

Ad server and network signalling

Stay in control of ad targeting, pricing and serving with Lead Intelligence’s ad server and network signalling technology. You can also take advantage of traditional CPM inventory for clients as our technology correctly calculates the relative eCPM.


Creative Management

Creative manager

All your creative assets, whether built in the system or uploaded, are hosted by Lead Intelligence and are easily accessible and editable. We make it easy to project and promote your clients and ensure suppliers only work with what you want them to.


Using Lead Intelligence creative editor build best-of-bread responsive creative assets (including landing pages, emails, overlays and banners) from our template editor or code.

Co-registration assets

Create, upload and host your co-registration assets in the platform. Simplify the management, editing and use of co-registration opportunities in your lead generation campaigns and control which assets are used by different suppliers.

Solus emails

Build via our creative editor your solus emails to host and manage in the platform. Simplify the management, editing and use of solus emails in your lead generation campaigns and control which assets are used by different suppliers.

Welcome emails

Build via our creative editor your welcome emails to host and manage in the platform. Simplify the management, editing and use of welcome emails in your lead generation campaigns and control which assets are used by different suppliers.


Build via our creative editor your banners in any IAB format to host and manage in the platform. Simplify the management, editing and use of banners in your lead generation campaigns and control which assets are used by different suppliers.

Pixel management

Make tracking the efforts of your suppliers simple. Your lead suppliers can set up and manage their own pixel-tracking on the campaigns you want them to see and use.

Supplier Management

Supplier set-up

Define, manage and enhance your clients media plan by adding and removing suppliers from our set-up palette according to your campaign's evolving requirements. Each supplier can then work to the same opportunities and restrictions you have already implemented.

Channel management

Take control of your chosen method of engagement and/or data capture at supplier level by enabling email, display, onsite or any other relevant channel restriction within each supplier’s account.

Tiered pricing

Make sure your clients are paying the right price for the different types of leads and responses their campaign is generating. Our rule based pricing manager allows you to change, edit and control multiple pricing tiers for each client, campaign, user profile and supplier, all in real-time.

Business objectives

Custom KPI builder

Choose from our extensive pre-set list of popular campaign KPIs, or if you or your client find a new metric or action you want to track, you can easily build your own custom KPIs to cover any conceivable success barometer.

Event triggered alerts

Identify the KPIs that could affect a client’s success and be warned as soon as something slips. Lead Intelligence can set up and send you real-time email or text alerts whenever a vital KPI goes outside of a specified range.

Intelligent alerts

Take advantage of extra performance protection measures. Our intelligent alerts use a probabilistic distribution to let you know when something out of the ordinary that you are not already tracking is happening in a campaign.


Real-Time Validation

Client and server side validation

Our validation is undertaken in line, in real-time while prospects are filling out the forms when built in Lead Intelligence. For any leads collected or uploaded from third parties, validation occurs within the platform.

Email validation

Validate the email address of all the leads you generate according to multiple criteria. From simple domain checking to syntax and bounce removal, ensure maximum deliverability and engagement for your clients from the very beginning.

Telephone validation

With both landline and mobile validation built-in, you can be sure you’re being given the correct contact numbers. We can also integrate with third party telephone verification tools to ensure comprehensive validation whatever the criteria.

PAF validation

Variable PAF (postal address file) validation from the Royal Mail’s database of around 29 million addresses. If your clients need an even closer match, we can validate to DPS (delivery point suffix) level too. We license Trillium Global Postal Validation, giving you accurate worldwide postal validation.

Data validation

With Lead Intelligence’s custom forms, you can also deploy custom validation. With everything from profanity checks to full custom question validation, our checks and measures can be as intricate as the campaigns you manage.


Choose the right level of de-duplication according to individual or paired data (e.g. same surname and telephone number). Lead Intelligence also de-dupes within and across suppliers and campaigns, as well as against existing subscriber or customer lists, to ensure you only charge for fresh, new data.


Auto-rejection feedback

Stop problems before they start to impact on your clients' results. Both you and the specific supplier are informed in real-time if leads are being rejected so you can act quickly to identify and fix any supply problems.

False rejection data hold

All rejected leads are quarantined and held in the system so you won’t lose any leads if your client decides to change criteria or delivery volumes. Don’t worry about over-delivering on a brief as you can choose to unquarantine leads stored in the system at any time.


Lead Nurturing

Auto-responder messages

Set up multiple waves of custom messages (email, sms or on-site) to kick-start your CRM activities. Automatic lead nurturing activities can speed up the flow of prospects through your client’s conversion funnel and maximise agency and advertiser ROI.

Event-triggered messages

Keep track of key actions by your client’s prospects and communicate accordingly. Messages (email, sms or on-site) can be set up to be sent following specific trigger events such as email clicks, site visits, time lapsed, KPI events, ad engagement or offer redemption. Easily create multi-step workflow that listen and personalise messages to each user.


Real time feeds

Transfer leads through to fulfilment in real-time as they are received and validated. This helps sales team convert leads into customers when their engagement and interest levels are already high.

Sequenced feeds

If you have different strategies or priorities for customer segments or campaigns, you can set up and schedule different feeds to be transferred at the right times for your business.


Advanced Reporting

Customisable reports

Break down the performance of your clients and campaigns to see immediately what matters most. With custom tables, timelines and graphs you can dig deep into any metric, supplier or segment you want to see.


Reports that you customise can be shared with colleagues. Give you colleagues the ability to see or even make changes to shared reports.

Lead profile

See instantly who is engaging with your programmes most and which are the most popular or hard to reach customer segments. Visualise the demographics of leads according to whatever information you are collecting on them.


Custom snapshot

Build your own homepage with fully customised snapshots of the real-time information that matters so you can quickly analyse your campaigns. Customise the logins according to each different type of user so each sees only what is relevant.

Key messages (inbox)

See vital information as soon as you log into Lead Intelligence. We place key messages and alerts from the system at the top of your homepage so that you can be confident you will never miss anything important. Intuitive interface, built-in ticketing and contextual help on every page gives you complete support and improves your workflow productivity.


360° reporting

Conversion reporting

Lead Intelligence tracks and harnesses all relevant conversion data in real-time via live feeds or batch data uploads. Whether you are focused on second purchase, customer lifetime value or new customer referrals, we can tag performance data against individual leads to enhance reporting and analysis.

Segmented performance data

Conversion data can be broken down by source, channel, user profile, creative and/or demographic so that you can get a clear picture. Optimisation by tweaking your pricing, profiles, caps and sources can therefore be undertaken at a granular level to maximise your clients’ ROI.

Billing and Invoicing

Settling Up and Reconciling

Advertiser invoices

Set up your commercials and the system will automatically generate your advertiser invoices, updating the information in real time. Make this time-draining task fast and effective for both you and your clients and ensure the financial side of things stays simple.

Auto generated supplier invoices

Make billing and settling simple. Always stay on top of what you owe to suppliers, no matter how broad or intricate the spread, with automatically generated and real-time updated invoices.

Historical invoices

Lead Intelligence stores all of your historical invoices for easy reference, making querying and reconciling old data easy to accomplish should you need to revisit the past to deal with a problem that’s only just raised its head.

Real-time updates

Real-time validation and updates to invoices mean that there is no need for time-consuming end of month reconciliation across each and every client. We make sure you always have the most up to date figures at your fingertips.


Training and Development

In-house training

Make Lead Intelligence the perfect fit for your agency, your clients and your staff. The Lead Intelligence support team will arrange training sessions at your offices to ensure that you and your team can get the absolute most out of the system.

Ongoing support

Our support team are always available by phone, built-in ticketing, email and in person to help you with whatever new tasks and strategies you decide to try out or integrate into your programmes.


Lead Intelligence offers an intuitive interface so you can streamline and automate key tasks. Lead Intelligence is an actively developed platform, meaning it is constantly evolving and improving. The support team will make sure that you are always aware of the latest updates so that you can take advantage of everything our technology has to offer.

The best way to see the amazing power of Lead Intelligence and learn more about how it could transform your performance marketing is to see it for yourself. If you’d like to find out what Lead Intelligence can do for you then sign up here for a free demo.