IAB Online Performance Marketing Research Infographic

Anyone active in performance-based marketing will have already seen the reports and analysis about the IAB and PwC’s ground-breaking online performance marketing research.

Including submissions from 27 companies and interviews with 31 different advertisers, publishers, media agencies and suppliers, the research is one of the most detailed perspectives of online performance marketing to date. Sitting in tandem to the IAB’s core Digital AdSpend initiative also run with PwC, this report delves deeper into the specifics of the performance space in areas such as sales commission, data fees and resultant sales, providing a more realistic perspective of reach and return.

While we highly recommend reading the full report as it contains a wealth of useful insights to help us all fuel our lead generation efforts, sometimes we just need a quick injection of facts and figures to support our work. It’s great news then that the IAB has also developed a summary infographic of the report that is incredibly compelling. You can download a copy of the infographic here on the IAB website.

As a little taster though, here are a few of our favourite digits:

  • Lead generation has grown 136% from 2008 to 2012
  • Online performance marketing (ie lead generation and affiliate marketing) represents 0.6% of UK GDP
  • £114 million spend on lead generation resulted in £1 billion sales

The best way to see the amazing power of Lead Intelligence and learn more about how it could transform your performance marketing is to see it for yourself.