Magnetise's technology is keeping it real (time)

Real-time functionality is now the bread and butter of online marketing, delivering information, responses and results in a far leaner, cleaner, faster way. For lead generation campaigns, elements such as scoring, pricing, validating, transferring and analysing leads and performance according to instant, exacting, evolving criteria are important real-time processes. It’s becoming an increasingly important aspect to running successful lead generation campaigns.

We also understand the importance of looking at the big picture, the real world, the mindset of our client’s target markets and campaign objectives - and then developing enhancements that can have a strident effect on results. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things we’ve been working on….

Firstly, we can tap into client’s real time feeds to connect our advertising with their service to enable the advertiser’s latest and most lucrative offers to be displayed to a consumer – for example, this enables on-the-fly optimisation of unique discount voucher requested by a user and then delivered into the creative. Naturally, Magnetise’s technology works in real time to prioritise and optimise the creative and placements throughout the campaign, leaving our clients clear to focus other strategies and marketing tasks while our system maximises the creative elements.

We also have the ability to create registered users for our clients within our lead generation programmes. We are now running many In-Banner campaigns that are automatically logging users into the advertiser’s site directly from our In-Banner ad creatives. From the creative we transport the user into a specific stage within the advertiser’s sites to maximise conversion.

Technically speaking, we are exchanging a token between advertiser and advert so that that the user is recognised when they click through to the site. This feature has a wide applicability, but for ecommerce and deal or voucher-based promotions, the ability to deliver a user an offer, whether generic or unique, which can then be immediately redeemed within a seamless, instant process is invaluable.

By making it easy for data to be transferred in real-time we can deliver a streamlined customer journey, reducing the steps and enhancing conversion.

This capability evolves the traditional display advertising model and negates the need to transfer the prospect over to the client site during the initial interaction. Keeping people on the site for longer and delivering more actions and more steps in the conversion process within the banner itself is a popular option for publishers too, meaning your campaign could reach further into the premium space than previously. Our eCPM pricing effectively structures performance advertising so that the publisher doesn't have to shoulder the associated performance risk.

‍Example ACHICA campaign showing unique voucher redemption capability

Another useful feature that all our forms have is the ability to have utilise the Facebook Registration Plugin, which also speeds up data entry by pre-populating the form with data pulled from the Facebook profile, on approval from the user. Regardless of continuing privacy issues, consumers that know their data is stored with a particular service expect and increasingly demand that this data can be ported between trusted services to ease their burden of data entry.

These enhancements dramatically shorten the customer conversion funnel during that all-important period of initial engagement and interest. On top of that, whether the consumer reaches the end of the conversion funnel in the initial interaction or not, with Magnetise lead generation our advertiser can continue to communicate with these interested prospects through their existing CRM channels.

Behind the scenes, our technology is hard at work to make this all happen. We have invested years of development work to develop and deliver the leading lead generation technology that is fast, fully redundant and secure. Additionally, we have built the platform so you can see at a glance, at any time, the range of lead stages and types, their relative cost and value, making it a clear and simple exercise to optimise every single interaction at any stage in a campaign.

The best way to see the amazing power of Lead Intelligence and learn more about how it could transform your performance marketing is to see it for yourself.