Magnetise at Amazon’s AWS London Summit 2015

Another year has passed, and we’re back again to visit the AWS Summit. We were impressed with Amazon’s summit last year, so we were keen to return to ensure we keep up to speed with the latest industry developments.

This year we took a different approach and after a brief walk around the exhibition space, we queued early to get into the main conference.

During the conference Werner gave us a brief history of Amazon, and how their vision has helped change the industry. We gained further insight into the power that the cloud and AWS services offer in terms of infrastructure. We then heard from a number of companies about how they have benefitted from AWS and how they’re using some of Amazon’s new services, including Lambda and Machine Learning.

Next were the breakout sessions, most of the rooms were packed and we couldn’t event enter in the Lambda session! Sessions we particularly enjoyed include Infrastructure as code and Machine learning; which provided some really engaging conversations. You can find a reference to the session videos and the slides here.

The Magnetise platform is built using AWS compute and storage resources and we take advantage of Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing for a scalable, reliable and secure infrastructure. This is therefore a key event in our calendar, enabling us to keep abreast of the latest sector developments.

We’d like to thank Amazon for another excellent, thought provoking AWS Summit and we look forward to next year’s event.

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