More leads doesn’t always = more conversions

Lead Intelligence Dashboard view

Lead generation continues to be one of the most popular online marketing tools. It’s easy to see why. When executed well, lead gen campaigns can provide high-quality prospects in real time and deliver substantial returns on investment. However, managing a lead generation opportunity efficiently and ensuring you’re getting it right is pretty much impossible without a reputable high-end technology platform.

Some companies still think about lead generation in terms of the sheer volume of leads delivered. Having a large number of leads to work with can be a good thing. However, unless these prospects are delivered instantly and are highly relevant, then you’re pretty much working with useless data and conversion rates will be low. More leads, therefore, don’t always equal more conversions.

So how confident are you that your campaign is generating highly relevant prospects and delivering the best results? Let’s look at some key areas you should consider to ensure your campaign’s success.

We all know how important data security is. So, before you embark on a new campaign, choose a technology platform that easily passes the most stringent data security tests.

With lead generation, timing is of key importance. The speed at which data can be received, processed and distributed for conversion is crucial. The ideal, of course, is in no time! Real-time scoring, pricing, validating, transferring and analysing of leads and performance will vastly improve your campaign’s results.

Ensure your provider can grow (or shrink) with you and enables you to deploy campaigns of any size with robust, reliable and scalable technology. Cloud-based platforms offer a versatile option, as they will let you easily add or remove capacity as required. Scale works both ways though, so use cap management features to make sure you are getting the right volume of results. Technology can also help you manage both suppliers and sources with fast and easy set-up, adaptation and removal of budget allocations and caps, creatives, channels and formats.

The level of insight is only as good as the output of your analytics tool. Without decent validation, data collection and campaign management, you’re essentially working with incorrect data.  Ensure solid reporting metrics are available 24/7. That way you can identify under or over performers and you will be alerted instantly when issues arise.

Your technology platform should digest the mountains of data into a usable format in real-time. Whether internal or third-party feeds, small or big data, advertiser or supplier perspectives, there are hundreds of ways to slice, dice, customise and pivot it. The data you are presented with should perfectly fit your needs and those of the different people logging in to view it.

Success means different things to different companies, so whatever it means to you, ensure the platform you choose can identify and optimise it. The easiest way is by creating customisable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Multiple KPIs for measuring early, mid and long-term performance will help you properly apportion campaign budgets and enable you to make the most of your media spend.

There really is a lot more to lead generation than sheer volume. Even so, it’s pretty straightforward and with the right technology, campaigns can prove very lucrative.

So how can we help? Well, Lead Intelligence is the most technologically advanced lead management platform available. It streamlines all lead buying and management process for agencies and advertisers, providing insight and reliability.

Lead Intelligence helps you through every stage of your marketing campaign including planning, campaign set-up and management, validation and optimisation, budgeting and billing, fulfilment and conversion plus reporting and analysis.

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