On-site messaging - create real connections with your customers

Capturing and retaining user attention proves a daily challenge. Once consumers become accustomed to a certain marketing technique, it’s much easier to overlook it, making it increasingly difficult to attract their attention. In order to survive, online advertising is constantly evolving and on the page, units are becoming increasingly smart and exciting.

At Magnetise HQ we’re continually developing and testing innovative ways to intrigue and attract users. Over the years we’ve gained excellent insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to generating prospective customers online. How? Our advanced technology with built-in tracking tools allows us to constantly analyse user behaviour patterns and refine our technology and campaigns accordingly. This insight gives us a unique understanding of how to get the best results for our clients.

On-site messages across web and mobile are targeted messages shown to users to encourage conversion. They are non-intrusive ad unit aimed at engaging with users and provide a truly bespoke and seamlessly integrated advertising option.

Dynamic on-site messaging delivers beautiful, fast and functionally rich content, offers and recommendation to create real connections with your customers.

Publishers can create high-converting personalised experiences by serving expandable sliders, modal popups, full-page overlays and floating buttons.

These types of content are easily customised so different messages can be tested and the platform will perform the auto optimisation. These are also full-feature creatives (using forms, share, video, feeds, downloads across all devices) where a rich experience can be created.

With highly customisable and hyper-relevant rule-based targeting, you decide when and where your message appears based on user behaviour, campaign rules and revenue data. With relevant targeting, you can harness the potential of personalised web and mobile messaging.

Go beyond basic message management & organise messages using placements, along with layered targeting + deep BI reporting, we’ll help you perfectly optimise your messages.

The quick and simple integration uses one script with support for tag managers and hundreds of platforms. One tag powers all creative and targeting options, and they can be edited without having to replace the tag.

These are all GDPR ready with enterprise security and consent controls to build stronger customer relationships.

We don’t just rely on our industry-leading technology and proven track record, we’re committed to innovation. Our continuous investment in research and development helps us stay ahead of the game.

Magnetise On-site Messaging are available across Magnetise Media and Lead Intelligence, providing additional revenue streams for all our clients. They are incredibly fast and easy to set up, so why give them a go? To find out more, please contact us on 020 7078 8298.

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