Financial Lead Generation Case Study
call centre performance optimisation 

quality leads generated
increase in lead volume
drop in CPA
rise in call connection rate

Lead Intelligence (LI) was asked to help a financial company which was struggling to feed a data hungry call centre with high quality data. Inconsistent data quality combined with a lack of control and visibility throughout the conversion funnel was increasing costs and creating risk for the entire business. Suddenly resources were becoming tighter as the marketing team were juggling a number of platforms and couldn't see how to make the best impact. Inefficiency was causing rising call centre costs and it was increasingly difficult to keep up with varying performance across various digital channels.

To provide some transparency between marketing and the call centre, LI connected all the elements of the user journey and conversion funnel on one central interface. 

Focussing on the data quality first, users from social, display, email, affiliates and native channels all passed through Lead Intelligence’s data management processes - including checking for existing customers and real-time validation (checking for profanity, hoax names, non-sensical data sets, email and telephone syntax, postal lookup, etc.). This alone removed 23% of leads, cutting call centre costs and making the marketing budget go further.

With a diverse range of products being sold it was important to redirect customers into different specialised parts of the call centre. Based on which products the customer had selected on the form, the cleansed leads were segmented and diverted into personalised conversion funnels. This helped the agents to specialise in products instead of alternating, leading to more sales and shorter call times.
The call outcomes were then sent back to LI to start the nurturing and analytics process. Individuals were sent personalised nurturing emails depending on the call outcome, for example sending information about the quote or giving alternative ways to get in touch for a quote. All of this information was presented in personalised reports for each team so they could see where they should allocate budget and which areas needed improvement. Key Performance Indicators ranging from Cost Per Quote, Cost Per Sale, effective Cost Per Click, effective Cost Per Lead, etc. all helped the team to be agile and make continual creative modifications.

The combination of the data validation, increased call centre conversion rates and the media optimisation led to a drop in Cost Per Sale from £120 to £95 - below the original target of £100. By controlling the data collection and optimising the conversion funnel they could safely grow their marketing by 300% per month.

The best way to see the amazing power of Lead Intelligence and learn more about how it could transform your performance marketing is to see it for yourself.