Purpose of Technology

The sheer size and scale of your lead generation opportunity is impossible to manage without a technology platform such as Lead Intelligence. Here we take a look at the key areas where technology can help:
The pace at which you can accomplish major lead generation activities is highly variable. The speed at which data can be received, processed and distributed for conversion is crucial, the ideal of course being in no time! Real-time scoring, pricing, validating, transferring and analysing of leads and performance will vastly improve your campaign’s results.
In today’s data heavy world, the security of data is paramount so make sure your platform can pass the most stringent data security tests with ease. Consumer privacy issues are on the rise too so it’s useful to note that lead generation doesn’t need the implementation of cookie tracking to be implemented making it a useful alternative to marketers.
The level of insight is only as good as the output of your analytics tool so it’s important to get this right. Without decent validation, data collection and campaign management, you’re essentially working with incorrect data.  Having solid reporting metrics available in real-time is the only way to identify under or over performers and be alerted when issues arise that require your attention.
Platforms based in the cloud will let you easily add or remove capacity as required. Scale works both ways though, so use cap management features to make sure you are getting the right volume of results. Technology can also help you manage both suppliers and sources with fast and easy set-up, adaptation and removal of budget allocations and caps, creatives, channels and formats.
Your technology platform should digesting the mountains of data into a usable format, and of course, in real-time. Whether internal or third party feeds, small or big data, advertiser or supplier perspectives, there are hundreds of ways to slice, dice, ringfence, customise and pivot it so it perfectly fits your needs and those of the different types of people logging in to view it.
Success means different things, so whatever it means to you make sure your technology can identify and optimise it! The easiest way is through customisable key performance indicator (KPI) creation and analysis. Multiple KPIs for measuring early, mid and long term performance will help you properly apportion campaign budgets to squeeze every last drop from your media spend.

What’s next?

Find out about road-testing our Lead Intelligence management and analytics platform, the most advanced and effective lead management platform on the market.