Turn lead generation from ‘whatever’ to ‘wow’ in just one week

You have far more important (and exciting) things to be doing than tinkering with technology and scratching your head over spreadsheets. At the same time though, you’re always on the look-out for ways to squeeze a little extra juice from your lead generation campaigns. Read on to discover Magnetise’s tips and tricks for taking your lead generation from whatever to wow in just one week.
Sunday is a day of rest. So rather than having to fire up your email to see if there are any issues and then fiddle with settings and campaign controls to get things back in line, get technology to do the tweaking for you! It’s easy to set rules for your lead management platform to take action if vital numbers start to go outside of your accepted range. So decide which elements could make or break your profit margin and stop any problems before they start, for example through the revision of channel-level budget allocations, individual lead prices or per supplier targets. Actionable intelligence is what we call it, you’ll probably refer to it as ‘pretty darned clever’!
Always a busy start to the week, what with water cooler catch ups, exciting new I/Os, client briefs and the like. So why sweat the small stuff?! If you manage myriad campaigns, automating simple tasks will make life a lot easier. Your time is better spent on strategy than the drudgery of building URL tracking codes and sending out creative assets, copy and pricing to every single supplier individually after all! Getting the minor details to flow through seamlessly to all the lead suppliers you work with will also make it a breeze when you want to add in new channels and sources or pivot your campaign in a new direction.
Now you’ve got the lead generation engine humming nicely, it’s time to broaden those horizons and make sure you’re capturing every possible lead. If you’re not using every possible channel from mobile to social, display to video, and every possible format from microsites to overlays, embedded forms to co-reg emails, you’re missing quite a few tricks! Sloppy technology will expect you to do all of this manually, and one at a time too, so make sure your platform includes an intelligent and easy to use form builder to make making and managing all these consumer touchpoints and engagement options as easy as 1, 2, 3.
There’s no point in doing great work gathering leads from all possible channels and formats but ending up with dud data, so as we hit the halfway through the week mark, let’s make sure you’re getting full value from validation. Everything from DPS level PAF, email syntax, domains and real-time email MX look-up, global phone numbers, geo & I.P detection and even custom questions can be verified and enhanced through validation. Checked and crosschecked during both the data entry process itself and server-side, this means you never again need to worry about not delivering the goods… and as an extra benefit, your leads will be more likely to convert into customers too!
Everything moves so fast these days, consumers included. Campaigns can also go south in the blink of an eye, leaving you wondering ‘How on earth did that happen?!’ An easy and really effective way to stay in control of your activities (and your profit) is to know what’s going on second by second. As we’re now speeding towards the weekend,  make time for real time to ensure a successful end to the working week. Real time processes give you major gains in scoring, pricing, validating and analysis but the biggest ‘win’ is in transferring your leads through to fulfilment in real time. You’ve captured the consumers attention and confirmed they’re interested… so why wait to seal the deal?!
Make sure that Friday feeling doesn’t make you dozy and check you’re closing the loop on campaigns. Cost per Lead (CPL) is the essential performance metric, but if content consumption, call durations or that all-important customer lifetime value matter more, roll them in. Utilise all types and varieties - key performance indicators (KPIs), big data insights, credit scores or geodemographics – to enhance existing data and enjoy infinite options for optimisation. Looking at this data from every angle will also give you some really useful insights, AND get those arduous weekly reports done in a jiffy. You’ll be able to focus on results and ROI, but see in seconds if commissions payable or lead rejection stats are dragging you down during the week too. Result!
Now we can take a well-earned break. And yet you can be making more money, and creating more client satisfaction, without needing to step foot in the office! Lead generation technology these days can also do customer generation for you, taking your marketing to the next level and maximising the returns of the work you’ve already done. Whether it’s driving prospects to an ecommerce site already signed up and logged in, unlocking a unique voucher code requested during sign-up and seamlessly delivered into the creative for immediate redemption, or delivering post-registration content marketing as an integral part of the campaign, lead generation does more than you think.

What’s next?

Now you’re in a position to look forward to the week ahead rather than approach it with dread. If you want to add even more sizzle to your lead generation efforts, why not find out about road-testing our Lead Intelligence management and analytics platform, the most advanced and effective lead management platform on the market.